Guitar lessons

I've taught hundreds of aspiring musicians how to play their favorite songs and become the best musicians they can be. Music is vast and wide and touches every part of our human experience. Peeling back the layers of mystery and understanding how it works can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. I have a unique perspective on teaching because of my own experience learning guitar. I started off with the classic Mel Bay 'Three blind mice' approach and tried to fill in the gaps on my own before learning some licks and a couple of scales. This was pre-youtube so mostly it was poking around in the dark for years using a trial and error approach. Then things changed upon entering a collegiate setting. Those experiences learning in two worlds helped me  to really understand the details to focus on when practicing and helping to  navigate what can sometimes seem so endless. Bridging the gap between being a 'street' ear player, and a schooled player. I make this guarantee: If you or your child want to learn guitar and take the time to practice and work with me, you WILL become a competent guitar player.  If you want it, I can get you there.

Children's Lessons

Everyone should be exposed to some type of music education. My younger students range from 7 years old to teens. If your son or daughter has expressed interest in playing guitar, I can help them. Did they just receive a guitar for their birthday or Christmas present and they're itching to play? Convenient weekly lessons offered in your home in 30 or 60 minute sessions tailored to their musical tastes. Contact me for more info! 

Adult Lessons

Did you get married, start a family and found you stopped playing for years? Find you miss playing guitar or just want to have some time to yourself playing music? I'm here for you! All adults should have some type of artistic expression. Whether it's painting, photography, or music, everyone should find a way to express themselves thru art. If you've played guitar in the past and finally want to get serious with it, or just want to play some of your favorite songs, I can help. If you've never even touched the instrument before, don't worry! I can help you navigate around the countless time wasting pitfalls that hang up so many beginning players!