19 Sep 2014
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Whether you’ve been playing guitar for years or just got one for your birthday I can help you fulfill your dreams of playing. With students ranging from 7 yrs old to their 50’s, I know how to connect with every level of student to get the best out of them. I excel at diagnosing peoples areas that need the most development and customize our workflow to get you focusing on what matters most in the most efficient way possible. There’s a million videos on youtube and thousands of books, but there is simply no substitute for sitting across from someone who is continually able to evaluate exactly what your doing and offer suggestions in real time. We cover ever component of musicianship. Theory, harmony, technique, song writing, tone, gear. Every nuance that goes into being the best musician you can be and opening avenues of creativity is explored.  Lessons can be in the privacy of your home or my studio, or online via skpye.  I am very flexible in working within kid’s schedules and activities and can always find a way to get to you between sports and schoolwork. Instrument rentals are also available! Contact me to schedule a time: dstejna at alumni.berklee.edu (replace ‘at’ with ‘@’)