19 Sep 2014
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Freelancing and consulting for individuals and small companies is a large part of what I do. With over 20 years  working in live performance and development has given me a unique insight into the audio industry. Here are some examples of the type of work and consulting I perform:

  • Working with audio software and hardware developers on new products and features,  including alpha and beta testing
  • Product demos
  • Studio installation (mic pres, console, computer, software, audio interface etc)
  • Guitar rigs (Amps, pedals, cabs, cables, switchers, midi, modelers, programing)
  • Producing, engineering, recording,  of your songs or ideas
  • Software tutorials (Digital Performer, Logic, Pro Tools, Garageband, Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto,)
  • Design services (web, app, business cards)
  • DSLR/Camera instruction and techniques
  • Studio and location lighting tutorials
  • Guitar lessons

Real world experience coupled with education is invaluable in getting the real information you need. for your projects. Contact me to talk about your project!