Fall Lesson Signups are in Full Swing

03 Sep 2015

It’s that time again to sign up for fall guitar lessons! Summer is winding down and school has started. I hope you all had a wonderful summer. It was a GREAT summer for me, but I’m excited to see you all again and start up guitar lessons. If you haven’t gotten an email from me, feel free to contact me and pick your time,  spots are filling up fast! Time to start rocking again! Lessons will be starting back up right after Labor Day!!

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New lesson video uploaded

06 Mar 2015

This lesson is all about getting a little more shred out of your pentatonic pattern. This lesson also helps with incorporating legato playing as well as helping you execute some cool rhythmic patterns at quicker speeds. Check it out!


03 Oct 2014

Whether you’ve been playing guitar for years or just got one for your birthday I can help you fulfill your dreams of playing. With students ranging from 7 yrs old to their 50’s, I know how to connect with every level of student to get the best out of them. I excel at diagnosing peoples areas that need the most development and customize our workflow to get you focusing on what matters most in the most efficient way possible. There’s a million (more…)